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Getting A Study Permit After Multiple Refusals

Can I Appeal The Study Permit Refusal?

The only way to appeal the study permit refusal is through a process known as “judicial review”.

Judicial review is a process where the courts determine if IRCC’s refusal of your application was fair.

If IRCC officer did not properly consider your purpose of study explanation, ignored documents, or did not appropriately assess your application, we can help you overturn the refusal.

However, it is important to note that no new information, explanations or documents can be submitted during the judicial review process.

When you appeal the refusal, you can only cite the original application that was submitted.

For this reason, it is important to have a strong application, otherwise there will be no basis for appeal.

If you have complicated circumstances or inadmissibility, it is important to retain a professional so that your application is strong from the onset. Only lawyers, not immigration consultants, can appeal the decision through judicial review.

Judicial Review will not be successful if the original application did not preset a strong case for approval.

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