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Removal Order

A Removal Order is a document that orders you to leave Canada. There are several situations where you may be issued a removal order:

  • Refugee claim has been refused, and a conditional removal order comes in effect shortly after.
  • Your appeal at the Immigration Appeal Division or the Immigration Division has failed, and a removal order is issued after the hearing.
  • You receive a removal order from the CBSA.

If you receive a removal order, it is important to contact a professional for advice on the next steps.

Types Of Removal Orders:

  • Departure Order
    • you must leave Canada in 30 days AND confirm your departure with the CBSA when you leave Canada
    • If you do not leave Canada within the 30 days OR if you do not confirm your departure with CBSA, the departure order will become a deportation order.
  • Exclusion Order
    • you must leave Canada and confirm your departure with CBSA when you exit Canada.
    • Based on the grounds for the exclusion order, you will be barred from returning to Canada for a period between one to five years.
  • Deportation Order
    • you must leave Canada and confirm your departure with CBSA.
    • if you do not leave Canada, CBSA will arrange for your removal.
    • if you leave Canada under a deportation order, you will require an Authorization to Re-Enter (ARC) to return to Canada.

If you fear return to your home country, you can make an application for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment to have the risks determined before you are removed from Canada.

Challenging Removal Orders

Permanent Residents may have a right to appeal the Removal Order to the Immigration Appeal Division. Please call to determine what route is right for you.

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