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Nuvya Babbar


Nuvya was called to the Bar of the Law Society of Ontario (“LSO”) in 2021 after articling at a boutique immigration law firm in Downtown Toronto.

Nuvya holds a Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Western Ontario and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies from the University of Waterloo.

Her practice encompasses all areas of immigration law, including inadmissibility, judicial review, procedural fairness letters and more.

*Nuvya Babbar is a part of Canada Today Immigration Law MDP.

Why hire an immigration lawyer?

It is especially important to obtain thorough legal advice in regards to your immigration matter.

 At CTIS, you benefit from the services of both immigration consultants and an immigration lawyer.

1. Success Rate is almost DOUBLE

The chances of a successful immigration application to Canada are almost double if you hire an immigration lawyer to help with your application, according to immigration data obtained under an access to information request by The Toronto Star.

Marina Sedai, chair of the immigration section of the Canadian Bar Association, said she wasn’t surprised lawyers had the highest success rate.

“Canadian lawyers’ rigorous education, legal analysis skills, and high ethical standards enforced by an effective regulator, have long been understood to result in better outcomes,”

According to the data provided by The Star, Canada had 342,154 temporary resident applications in 2017:

  • 86% of applicants declared themselves as self-represented
  • 6% were represented by consultants
  • 5% were represented by lawyers

19.3% of those who complete their own Canada immigration application were refused, however only 10.4% of immigration applications to Canada prepared by an immigration lawyer were rejected.

2. Lawyers Undergo Years of Education

The Star notes that Canadian lawyers’ rigorous education, legal analysis skills, and high ethical standards enforced by an effective regulator have long been understood to result in better outcomes.

Lawyers have over 7 years of graduate education, and they must pass the Bar Exam in their respective province. Moreover, the immigration section of the Canadian Bar Association provides members with ongoing education, resources and information to maintain their skills. This enables immigration lawyers to be aware of current and proposed immigration law changes so that their clients have the most reliable information available.

3. You Can’t Afford to Make a Mistake

If your application is refused, getting an approval is more difficult when you re-apply. However, with the correct legal advice and plan of action, approval is possible.

That being said – having to correct a mistake is always costlier than getting right the first time around. If you receive the correct information and legal advice from the onset, you reduce the chance of refusal.

4. Immigration lawyers have expertise with very difficult immigration cases

Ravi Jain, vice chair of the bar association’s immigration division, told The Star the success rate for lawyers would be even higher if not for the fact lawyers often take up very difficult and complex cases.

Work with CTIS

Our team of dedicated professionals can assist you in all your difficult immigration matters. With over twenty years of experience in the immigration field, CTIS has gained an excellent reputation in the community.

We have extensive experience in the following matters:

  • Previously Refused applications (TRV, Study & Work Permits)
  • Permanent Residence & Family Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship Appeals
  • Inadmissibility Issues
  • Procedural Fairness Letters
  • Judicial Review & Federal Court
  • Removal Orders & H&C Applications

We handle your case from start to finish, ensuring your peace of mind. Contact us today for help!

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